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Vacay season is coming closer every day and we have just what you need to get the ball rolling! With a small selection of bikinis, one piece suits, coverups and a few more beach essentials to tick off your list.


From the latest makeup, makeup tools and home nail kits to save the pennies on acrylic extensions breaking the piggy bank every month we have you covered babes! but don't forget your home bodycare because no one looks after you as well as yourself.


Here is a collection of some of our customers favourites and most ordered items, they vary from every collection in our store so you can get a sneak peak at what others LOVEEE from us, We know you will find something to love to babe so take a look and see.


You can't alwaysss find what you want in a shop to pick as a gift for someone so what do you do ? Panic and give them money instead because you found yourself clueless! So don't worry we have put together some small and large gift ideas for that perfect someone.


Don’t listen to people that say ‘you have to many handbags’ They are sooo wrong, Because a girl can never have enough. We have to have one for every occasion from BOLD and beautiful to SLEEK and luxurious we have you covered babe.


We all want to own diamonds seeing as its meant to be a girls best friend but we’re not all made of money. If you do feel like treating yourself with some more affordable jewels, you’re in the right place! Let your bling do the talking with our statement earrings or opt in for a cute bracelet.


We are all beautiful but us girls can't go on a night out without being a glamour puss for the night and what better way to mask up our cocktail face by the end of the night?  Makeup of course, we have a selection of eyeshadow palettes, lip products and more by Focallure.


What better way is there than spending a Saturday night with your BFF! doing each others nails with a little Netflix ? We have a collection of mini gel nail kits and portable uv nail lamps to make home nail treatments more than a one off treat.